Christina Josefsson, was born 1972 in a small village close to Örnsköldsvik in the north of Sweden.

Growing up with the nature just outside the door created a strong relationship to the scenery of nature and especially the characteristics of the High Coast area – which is often represented in her paintings, as well as the four distinct seasons that occurs in northern parts of Sweden.

Christina’s imagery is a tribute to the unpretentious simplicity of nature. Pictures of timeless places reminiscent of the greatness of the ever present nature, on which we all depend.


Foto: Elin Nerpin


Creativity, such as painting, drawing and photography, has been part of my life since my very young days. The last years it has become even more important for me to explore my creativity in the areas of painting and photography. I have elaborated with different techniques over the years but lately I’m focusing on sketching and acrylics using media such as canvas, fine art paper and various wooden materials.

When I’m in my creative room painting and sketching, or spending time outdoor with my camera, time flies and I just want to go on forever. Even though I try to focus in one piece at the time when I’m painting, I usually end up working on 3-4 pieces at the same time.  

Nature is, and will always be my primary source for inspiration – both for painting and photography, but any visual impression, such as pictures in magazines, images from social media, a fragment of a wall or an interior detail, people that I meet in the every day life, can trigger my inspiration and creativity. My palette is, so to say, down to earth, I consume way too much of paynes grey, raw umber, raw sienna and yellow ochre. I hope that I some day will be comfortable to bring in more colours to the palette.

I often start with a vision in my head, nevertheless, what comes out in the end can be a surprise even for me. However, the finished pieces often results in abstract realism.

  • 2021-06: Open Air Photo exhibition “Angermannaland” – Örnsköldsviks Museum och Konsthall Jun – Sep
  • 2020-10: ÖKKV 20 år – Örnsköldsviks Museum och Konsthall
  • 2020-10: ÖKKVs medlemsutställning – Galleri Lokomotiv
  • 2020-09: Christina Josefsson Natur-likt – Brynge Konsthall
  • 2020-02: Samlingsutställning Härke Konstcentrum
  • 2019-11: ÖKKVs medlemsutställning – Galleri Lokomotiv
  • 2019-11: Christina Josefsson – Autumn – Café UH October 2019
  • 2018-11: ÖKKVs medlemsutställning – Galleri Lokomotiv
  • 2018-07: Christina Josefsson – Summer- Café UH October 2018


  • Örnsköldsvisk Kollektiva Konstnärsverkstad – ÖKKV
  • High Coast Creative – HCC
  • Expression Design 2020